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"In The Studio Project"

Live music unlike anything you've ever heard!

A small live concert in the studio where musicians and people become so close in

a magical atmosphere

It’s also a music community and art hub. Highlight talented independent musicians and provide them with tools and experiences to create and collaborate, and it all starts from the musician's home, "The Studio".

"Serkan Hakki guest of "Remix 
with Hamza Namira 

Serkan Hakki appeared on "Remix" show presented by Egyptian artist "Hamza Namira."

Serkan discussed his experience creating and producing music in Turkey, as well as how to blend Western musical styles into Arabic music.

A Jazz Adventure!
Berklee College of Music

Serkan Hakki had a new experience with jazz music in the USA for an intensive program by receiving a scholarship from the Berklee School of Music in Boston.
At the end of the program, Serkan joined a musical performance on the stage of the Berklee Performance Center with the participation of musicians from all over the world.

The Libyan traditional song meets funk music

Serkan Hakki as arranger and producer collaborated with Egyptian artist Hamza Namira on the song "Khaliha Ali Allah." A song from Libyan heritage that he altered and blended with funk music

Arabic music show performed by a Turkish band led by Serkan Hakki

Serkan led the orchestra of 10 Turkish musicians in the "Nagham" Show, an Arab singing TV show in which a range of Arab singers performed, in addition to the participation of the famous Qanun player, Aytaç Doğan.

The second collaboration between Serkan Hakki and Moroccan singer Ali Elmedydy

   Tunisian song in a new perspective

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